Videos 2: Streetymades
(Poland)  3:07 - 6MB
“He then spent time cataloguing, ordering and documenting these images of ‘street
sculptures’.  He took pleasure in the endless possibilities of his finds, and would often have to determine whether the object was in fact discarded.”
“The images of urban domestic debris are accompanied by the ubiquitous sounds of gay Paris, Edith Piaf. Eyman says, ‘This music in particular fills the atmosphere beyond the frame of the centralized objects in the photos’. Songs of romances with tragic finales, of lost love and abandoned souls.”
 -Zoe Roland  (The Physics Room)
6:27 - 12MB
Collection of photos depicting abandoned objects found in the streets of Paris.
Music:  Dimitri From Paris
“HEADSPIN”  2001
(Part 1)  2:36 - 6MB
 “The minimal and symbolic inclusion of high-top sneakers in one corner, a boombox to one side and a photo of planet earth centrally tacked behind him, bear witness to the work’s playful association with ritual and universal themes. A spacey beatbox song is heard on the soundtrack as the artist spins in orbit creating an eternal headspin." - Daven Gee
“YWDS”  2004
(Neon Sign)  0:16 - 277K
Memento Mori means "remember that you must die" in Latin. It serves to remind us of our own mortality, of our mistakes and failures, of the inevitable transformation of life into death. The subject is avoided, especially with children, or spoken of in euphemisms. The prospect of death is reason enough to embrace life.
(Paris)  3:24 - 7MB
“A collection of 600 photos taken in the streets of Paris during a period of about 6 months. It is a sort of recycled tribute to Marcel Duchamp and the Readymades of the early 1900’s. The artist would go out walking each day in search of discarded objects and became like ‘an ornithologist in search of   some rare bird’ (Eyman).”
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